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Step 1 - ‘Making a Picture’ - How can you do that?
  • Sit in such a way that you can easily see an empty screen in front of you.
  • Project your memory onto that empty screen.
  • You are in the here-and-now - the she/he in the projection is the ‘you there’ in that situation.
    Ask your co-worker to make sure that you keep talking about the 'you there' in the third person.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the projected Picture!
    Ask your co-worker to remind you of this if necessary!
  • Describe what else you see in that Picture.  
    And give your body the time and space to respond to what you see over there in the Picture.
  • Tell the ‘you there’ that you love him/her.
    Repeat this until the ‘you there’ seems to hear this.
When you have time for this: view the Picture in more depth

Looking at the Picture, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does the ‘you there’ experience the situation internally?
  • What in the situation triggers this experience?
  • How much worse could this situation have been?
  • What ‘practical problem’ does the ‘you there’ have?
    In hindsight, in what different ways might the 'you there' respond?
  • What resources does the ‘you there’ have?
  • What small steps could you (in the here-and-now) make next?
Step 2 - Storing the Picture away
  • Describe the frame around the Picture.
  • Give the Picture a title.
  • Optionally, make a drawing of the Picture.
  • Store the Picture away, for instance in your back pocket.
  • How does the empty screen look like without the Picture?

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